Student Associate Membership in the Manitoba Association of Optometrists (MAO) is open to all students registered at an ACOE-accredited optometric institution. There is no fee to become a Student Associate Member, all you have to do is apply!


Benefits of Student Associate Membership

  • Access to the Student Associate Members only section of the MAO website. (coming soon!)
  • Access to the Manitoba TPA Guide.
  • Communication from MAO including the MAO Minute newsletter and other emails to members.
  • Invitation to the annual student event held over the winter holidays.
  • Free registration at MAO's CE events.
  • Free attendance at MAO's social events.
  • Links and support for information on registration in Manitoba.
  • Access to MAO's Mentorship Program.

How to Apply

Apply online by completing a short application form - Click here

Some Rules You Should Know

  • Student Associate Members do not have the right to complete a clerkship/externship in Manitoba without registering as an Optometric Student (Clerkship/Externship) member as defined in the Regulation to The Optometry Act.
  • Student Associate Members do not have the right to vote, or to practise optometry, or to hold office in the Association.
  • Once your application is approved, your Student Associate Membership will continue from year to year so long as you remain registered at an ACOE-accredited optometric institution. It will end on July 31 of the year in which your optometric education program is scheduled to conclude or when you complete registration as an Optometrist in Manitoba (whichever comes first).


If you have any questions, please contact the MAO office at 204-943-9811 or