Membership in the Manitoba Association of Optometrists (MAO) is mandatory in order to practise optometry in Manitoba. Optometric students completing an externship in Manitoba must also register with MAO prior to beginning their externship.

Optometrist Register

All optometrists currently licensed to practise optometry in the Province of Manitoba are listed on the Optometry Register.

Applying for Membership

If you are a new graduate of an ACOE-accredited school of optometry, or an optometrist currently practicing in Canada or the US, visit our Applying for Membership page for application requirements.

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Internationally Educated Optometrists

If you are an internationally-trained optometrist who has not previously registered in Canada and has not completed the CEO-ECO national exam, visit our Internationally Educated Optometrists page for application requirements.

Student Externship Requirements

All optometric students completing an externship in Manitoba must register with the Manitoba Association of Optometrists prior to beginning their externship. This is a requirement of provincial legislation. If you are an optometric student who plans to complete an externship in Manitoba, visit our Student Externship Requirements page for details.

Student Associate Membership

If you are a student registered at an ACOE-accredited school of optometry and you want to become a Student Associate Member of the Manitoba Association of Optometrists, visit our Student Associate Membership page.

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Career in Optometry

Optometrists are primary health care professionals trained to examine, diagnose, treat, manage, and prevent diseases and disorders of the visual system. The eyes are the second most complex organ in the human body after the brain. Working with the complex vision system, optometry can offer a range of opportunities for an interesting and rewarding career.


A. H. Basman, OD Scholarships

The A. H. Basman, OD Scholarship was established in 1992. Scholarships are awarded annually to four Manitoba students attending each of years 1-4 of optometry school.