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How the Eye Works

The eyes are the second most complex organ in the human body after the brain. When you look at something, each eye receives light rays which land on your retinas and form images. These images are passed along the optic nerve to the brain where the two images are combined into the one clear picture you see.


Eye Exams

There is no substitute for a regular, comprehensive eye examination. 

Your eyes deserve an optometrist®


Children's Vision

It's important to ensure that a child's eyes are healthy and developing properly. Read about baby's eye development, eye conditions affecting children, the value of early detection in treating developmental eye issues, and the connections between vision and learning for children entering school.

Mature Vision Thumb

Mature Vision

As we age, our eyes change, and our risk of some eye conditions increases. Read about age-related vision changes, common eye conditions affecting mature eyes, and protecting your eyes for a lifetime of optimal vision.

Sight Seeing

Your Eyes and Your World

Vision is precious, and we can make choices daily that will help to protect our vision and maintain the health of our eyes. Visit the pages listed below to read about how you can make the most of your vision every day and protect your eyes for a lifetime of healthy eyes and optimal vision.


Vision Correction Options

A regular, comprehensive eye exam is an important part of maintaining your ocular health. Most Canadians need some form of vision correction and also visit their optometrist to keep their corrective lens prescription up-to-date. If you are in need of vision correction for the first time, or are considering a change, your optometrist can help you consider the options that will work best for your eyes and your lifestyle.