The Manitoba Association of Optometrists (MAO) is the regulatory and licensing body for the practice of Optometry in Manitoba. We are responsible for enforcement of the provisions of The Optometry Act and Regulation.

Every optometrist who practises in Manitoba must be registered with MAO. Every optometrist currently licensed to practise optometry in the Province of Manitoba is included on the Manitoba Association of Optometrists Register.

On July 15, 2013, the Optometry Amendment Act came into force, allowing optometrists to prescribe therapeutic drugs to treat eye disease and disorders. Optometrists are primary eye care providers and are able to prescribe medications to treat glaucoma, eye infections, eye inflammation (red eye), eye allergies, dry eye, and superficial eye injuries. Optometrists are also authorized to remove superficial foreign bodies from the eye. Optometrists in all provinces and Nunavut, and all 50 US states, are authorized to prescribe medications for eye disease.


Follow the links below for more information on Manitoba's government regulations and optometry:

The Optometry Act

Optometry Regulation

Fair Registration - Office of the Manitoba Fairness Commissioner




If you have a concern with an optometrist or the care you received, the Manitoba Association of Optometrists is the regulatory body responsible for dealing with your complaint.