Therapeutic Drugs and Prescription Medications

Your Manitoba Doctor of Optometry can prescribe medications to treat eye problems. Your optometrist is highly trained and has specialized equipment to diagnose and treat certain eye problems including infections, inflammations (“red eyes”), allergies and diseases, including glaucoma. In the past, when eye health problems happened, this meant referring you to your physician or an ophthalmologist for treatment. By seeing your Doctor of Optometry, you’ll get faster, more direct access to care.

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Eye Health

Young Woman with an Orange -  Manitoba Association of Optometrists -  Winnipeg Manitoba

Every year we make a special effort to publicly highlight the importance of regular eye examinations. Like an orange, your eyes can look and feel great on the outside but eye conditions don't always come with warnings. Often early detection is critical in preventing unnecessary vision loss or permanent damage from occurring.

Eye health is more than 20/20 vision. If you haven't seen an optometrist in the past two years it's time to arrange an appointment.

They know your eyes inside and out!

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Safety Glasses / Occupational Vision Care (OVC)

Workers using drill machinery -  Manitoba Association of Optometrists -  Winnipeg Manitoba

The MAO Occupational Vision Care Program recommends, dispenses and fits superior quality prescription eye protection to Manitoba workers, as well as providing comprehensive eye health and vision examinations. The program is cost-effective for employers and convenient for employees. Similar programs exist in all Canadian provinces. Our ultimate goal is to preserve vision, eliminate eye injuries, and increase visual performance in the Manitoba workplace. 

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