Manitoba Association of Optometrists

Elkhorn Resort, Spa and Conference Centre
Onanole, Manitoba

Friday Evening, September 30, 2022
to Sunday, October 2, 2022

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Schedule & Course Outlines

Friday, September 30, 2022*

7:00 pm   BBQ Dinner at the Hospitality Suite

*We recognize that you may have activities planned with your staff on Friday in recognition of the National Day for Truth & Reconciliation. There will be no CE on Friday, but we hope you can join us for a BBQ dinner when you arrive at Elkhorn.

Saturday, October 1, 2022

8:00 am - 8:30 am   Buffet Breakfast

8:30 am - 10:30 am   Clinical Care in Glaucoma Management - Handling the Pressure - Dr. Sarah MacIver
As primary care providers, optometrists are ideally positioned to manage a myriad of ocular diseases, including glaucoma. This course will be a concise overview of important management considerations for glaucoma (focusing on primary open angle glaucoma) with focus around setting and reaching target pressures and utilizing technology to evaluate appropriate management end points are met. An update on contemporary management options such as new therapeutics and issues such as concurrent ocular surface disease and generic medications will be discussed. The course will be illustrated with interactive case examples.

10:20 am   Coffee available (no formal coffee break)

10:30 am - 11:30 am   Optometry Meets Neurology: Linking Headaches and Dry Eye Symptomology - Dr. Larry Wan
Sponsored by Neurolens

We will review specific patient symptomatology and the relationship between headaches and dry eye sensation, focusing on how to understand various types of headaches using specific testing, measurements and treatments to reduce patient symptomology.

11:30 am - 12:30 pm   What to do when it's Not Glaucoma - Dr. Sarah MacIver
For most cases, when the optic nerve looks like glaucoma, it's glaucoma. There are however some instances when other optic neuropathies masquerade as glaucoma and it's important to be able to confidently sort through these in clinic. We will focus on cases that illustrate when and what to consider in your differential diagnoses of glaucoma as well as what case presentations to be aware of that are not consistent with your typical glaucoma patient.

12:30 pm - 1:45 pm   Lunch

1:45 pm - 2:45 pm   Care of the Patient with Anterior Uveitis - Dr. Sarah MacIver
This course will use cases to highlight current medical management of non-granulomatous anterior uveitis. Classification systems of anterior uveitis as well as current treatment guidelines and how they pertain to management will be reviewed. Differentiating autoimmune and viral causes of uveitis will also be discussed.

2:45 pm - 3:45 pm   Cybersecurity for Healthcare Professionals - Mr. Mikhail Khizver
Cyberattacks on healthcare businesses are becoming more frequent and more sophisticated. In this session, you'll learn cybersecurity basics so you can keep your patient records and other sensitive data safe. We'll cover employee training, multifactor authentication and other tools and techniques you can use to stay ahead of threats to avoid becoming a victim.

3:45 pm - 4:00 pm   Coffee Break

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm   Adverse Ocular Drug Reactions of Systemic Medications - Dr. Sarah MacIver
This course will review the systemic medications that can affect ocular structure and function. The more common systemic medications including hydroxychloroquine and ethambutol that cause ocular toxicity and require monitoring by an eye care professional will be reviewed in detail and highlighted with clinical cases.

6:00 pm   Dinner & Social Event

Sunday, October 2, 2022

8:45 am - 9:30 am   Buffet Breakfast

9:30 am - 10:30 am   Myopia Update - 2021/2022 - Dr. Devan Trischuk
The myopia management field has been rapidly expanding in recent years. As practitioners we have an ever increasing amount of information to help us understand the ocular health risks that go along with worsening myopia and axial length. Fortunately, many new, effective, evidence-based treatment options have emerged in recent years that allow us to offer a high level of care for our myopic patients. This lecture focuses on providing an up-to-date summary on the current treatment options for myopia management available in Canada.

10:30 am - 10:45 am   Coffee Break

10:45 am - 11:45 am   Don't Panic! The Media has Contacted You - Mr. Rob Wozny
When the media contacts your business you have two options: respond to or ignore their requests. However, do you or your staff know which route to take and how, or by when? In this session you will: Learn how to assess what the media's agenda is and how it might work for or against your business; Learn how to prepare your spokespeople and your business location to host media interviews; Understand what response options are available to you should you decide to engage with the media; and more...

11:45 am - 12:45 pm   Understanding the Media: How to Leverage their Reach to Support Your Industry and to Expand Your Own Influence - Mr. Rob Wozny
Learning more about the media and how to proactively engage with them can significantly boost the reach and awareness of your business. In this session you will: Learn the value of earned and owned media, and how working with the media supports both in the growth of your business; Understand the ever-evolving media relations environment, how you can stay on top of it, and how you can make it work for publicity endeavors; Learn the storytelling mechanisms the media now rely on to tell stories, and how understanding them can strengthen relationships with media outlets.

12:45 pm   Box Lunch To Go

Featured Speakers

Sarah MacIver, OD, FAAO, is an associate clinical professor at the University of Waterloo School of Optometry and Vision Science. Dr. MacIver completed her residency in ocular disease from SUNY State College of Optometry. She has a special interest in treatment and management of chronic ocular disease, specifically glaucoma, retina and dry eye. She has spoken at various CE events nationally and internationally. Areas of research include glaucoma, imaging, dry eye disease, inter-professional collaboration with primary healthcare and optometric education. She is a fellow of the AAO, program chair of the Glaucoma Special Interest Group with the AAO and a member of the Optometric Glaucoma Society.

Larry Wan, OD, is a graduate of Pacific University and former managing partner of Family EyeCare Center in Campbell, California. He has lectured nationally and published articles in various journals. Dr. Wan was the original author for the computer vision section of He has consulted across the vision care spectrum from small optometric offices to Fortune 500 companies. He co-founded Glimpse analytic software, a data-mining, push technology platform with dashboard features. Dr. Wan received the Optometric Business Innovator Award, Contact Lenses Section, in 2013 from Optometric Business Magazine, and OD of the Year, Santa Clara County in 2011. He has participated in dozens of clinical studies including optical lens designs, CL, solutions, and pharmaceuticals.

Mikhail Khizver is the CEO of signalpoints, an IT company specializing in optometry and health care. After working for enterprise clients like Best Buy and Sprint, he saw an opportunity to help small and medium businesses use the same technology as their larger competitors. Using enterprise-level solutions scaled to fit the needs and budgets of smaller businesses, he helped entrepreneurs increase their efficiency and profitability. Twenty years later, Mikhail is still driven to help his clients get the most from their technology so they can focus on what they do best: helping patients.

Devan Trischuk, OD, was born and raised in Yorkton, SK. He completed his BSc at University of Alberta in 2007 and his OD degree at WOVS in 2011, receiving the Michael Gutwein Memorial Award for his graduating class at WOVS. Dr. Trischuk was honoured to be selected in 2018 as one of the top "40 Under 40" optometrists in Canada by Johnson and Johnson Vision. His interest in optometry started at a young age with yearly visits to his optometrist for stronger glasses due to rapidly progressing myopia. Myopia Management has become one of his main areas of interest and he enjoys working with children and families to ensure years of healthy vision for his youngest patients! He has lectured across North America on this topic. Other interests include specialty CL, ocular disease management and co-managing refractive surgery options. He is a proud father of four children and enjoys getting outdoors and being active with his family in his free time.

Rob Wozny is an award-winning storyteller, including published author, and has served in some of the most senior communications, content, and editorial roles, ranging from vice president (communications & content)/lead spokesperson for True North Sports and Entertainment, to senior lead news anchor/supervising producer in leading Canadian newsrooms (CTV News, Global News). Currently, Rob is also a co-owner of Sound Strategy Communications, a boutique publicity and content marketing firm which has served a diverse range of clients since 2006.

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Hotel rooms are available under the group name "MBOP22" at Elkhorn Resort, Spa and Conference Centre, 204-858-2802 or 1-866-ELKHORN. Booking deadline is August 30, 2022. (See Registration Form or contact MAO for information on room rates).

Meals & Hospitality

CE registration includes meals and the social event.

All meals will be served in the CE room, Salon ABC, except for the Friday dinner which will be in the Hospitality Suite.

Meals for Guests (all meals): $100 for adults and children 12 & up; no charge for children under 12.

Hospitality will be at Chalet 650. Join us in the hospitality suite when you arrive on Friday evening for a BBQ Dinner.

After CE on Saturday, there will be a plated dinner, followed by a social event.


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