W.G. Maybee - Manitoba Association of Optometrists - Winnipeg Manitoba

The Manitoba Association of Optometrists celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 2009, marking the passage of a century from our beginnings in 1909 when the Optometry Act established the practice of optometry in Manitoba. This was the first act of its kind in Canada and the second in North America. It called for a Board of Examiners consisting of "five reputable and practicing optometrists". The first registered optometrist was Wellington Graham Maybee, chair of the board. Members H. Nott, R. Butchart, J. Bartlett and F. Leach joined, thus forming the Manitoba Optometric Society. In 1983, we changed our name to the Manitoba Association of Optometrists (MAO).

To honor and celebrate our 100th Anniversary, a gala for 300 optometrists, optometric staff, ophthalmologists and guests was held in April 2009. The evening's events included fundraising for CNIB and Dog Guides Canada, presentation of the Centennial Organization Award, and recognizing optometrists for years of service.

We envision a bright future in continuing to promote and protect Manitobans' eye health along with providing exceptional service to our membership.